Hey, it's Garrett!

Over the last decade, I've worked within the nooks and crannies of software engineering, business development, product design, and user experience. After doing many of those things at Mapbox and Opower, I've since settled in as a software engineer at Slack.

I live in San Francisco, California with my partner Georgia and our cat, Monster. Most of my free time is spent running, an activity that I am frighteningly addicted to.

This site is a mishmash of my interests in illustration, photography, and a few creative endeavors that have made embarassingly low amounts of money. It was built with Jekyll, Tachyons, and Macy.js. Without these projects, building all of this would have been a complete bummer.

If you need me, you can always get in touch through e-mail or Twitter.

Garrett Miller

Last updated: January 3, 2018